Kingdom Fit Academy

We are now taking applicants for Kingdom Fit Academy, a 6 month transformational experience.  This is for you if you are a Christian Women Entrepreneur or Executive who wants to learn how to consistently go to God over food and radically transform your body without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at the gym.. No matter how busy you are and even if you’ve failed to get the results you desire in the past. 

Warning side effects of Kingdom Fit Academy may include:

- The need to spend A LOT of money on new clothes because the clothes in your closet are too big!

- Not knowing what to do with your extra time because you no longer waste time; contemplating what to eat, emotionally spinning over food guilt or changing three times to find what's comfortable when you get dressed in the morning.  You will be confident, decisive and empowered in your food choices - guilt free!  You decide ONCE what to wear and slip into it with ease!

- Feeling strong, sexy and radiating a confidence that carries a dynamic presence into every room!


*Follow three simple steps and lose 25 pounds in your first 90 days or I will work with you for free until you do!

During this 6 month experience you will also discover and learn what you've been missing so that you can create momentum and sustainability towards your long term health goals. 

Does this sound like you?

You're a Christian Woman Entrepreneur or Executive who wants to lose 25+ pounds for the last time!  

🦋  You want to go from feeling "uncomfortable in your own skin" to catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and thinking "dang girl!! you're a hottie!" so that your feel beautiful inside and out. 

🦋  You want to walk into your closet and select an outfit with ease, feeling comfortable, sexy and confident in your body.  

🦋  You want to feel amazing naked so you can reignite the sexy in your marriage.  Your husband loves you just as you are, but you prefer to keep the lights off and hide under the sheets when he wants to make love. 

🦋  You want to show up every day as your BEST self, whether for yourself, your family, or your God-given big audacious goals, with more faith, confidence, and Godly grit. 

But, you’ve experienced years of failed diets!  

You've lost weight and found it again multiple times.

You've built a habit of turning to food over God

You are the rock for your family and friends.

You are a powerhouse in God's Kingdom with a heart and passion for living out your God-given unique purpose/calling.

You’ve experienced great success in life and business and yet, you catch yourself thinking... 

“How is it that I can achieve every other goal I set;  I can provide for my family, team, and clients... and yet I can't control my weight or emotional eating?”

YOU are not alone.

There is a way to Have a Rockin' Body AND Honor God's Temple AND Live Out Your Unique Purpose. 

First I must share a liberating and powerful truth:  

Self-care is not selfish, it is a prerequisite for being able to experience, and give the greatest potential of God’s plan for you.  

I know you might feel discouraged because your weight loss and health goals feel out of reach or the process feels more difficult than it needs to be because you’ve failed so many times. 

The truth is it’s not all your fault. 

You’ve been taught wrong and conditioned to focus on tactics and what you need to DO to reach your goals.

So of course you think you need a new tactic for your doing; “eat-less-move-more”, Keto, 21 day fix, Optavia, NutriSystems, fasting...

And there is some truth to needing the right tactics.  

What you eat and movement is important but it is not what makes weight loss sustainable.   

The problem is most “fit-pros” and programs don’t teach you what I'm about to share with you in a moment.

But first, I want you to imagine what your day can look like 90 days from now;

🦋 Imagine being 25 pounds lighter, full of energy, joy and radical confidence….

🦋 Imagine getting out of bed in the morning and realizing how much better your body moves.

🦋 Imagine walking into your closet and smiling as you remember you get to wear the clothes you really love (no more hiding behind “good enough” clothes)... 

🦋 Imagine sliding on your jeans and realizing you actually need to go DOWN a size again!

🦋 Imagine thinking about your next business goal and feeling that next level of confidence that whispers “of course I am meant for this stretch, this expansion, this impact and income!”

🦋 Imagine just before you hit live you catch a glimpse of yourself on camera and feel grateful that you no longer see the double chin or puffiness in your cheeks, you now get to feel amazing and be fully focused on the people you serve through your business. 

This day can be your typical day.  Not only do I believe it for you, I am so confident in it, that I guarantee it!

 By the way, I'm Coach Rebecca Tabbert, 

I have my own transformation story (check out the about section).

I have also helped thousands of women create  transformational results over the last 12 years now. (check out the client results page) 

This is what I know for a fact, the true solution to sustainable weight loss…

Is NOT a diet, or specific type of workout, look at your own experience.  

You are a smart, successful woman.  When it comes to diets, you put in the effort.  So, if that were all it took, you'd already have your dream body.  

The problem with diets, systems, pills, shakes, and workouts is that they do not address the root causes of the unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain in the first place. Therefore, they are a temporary fix at best.

I know, because I lived it.

By God's work in and through me, I discovered a better way. 

As a result, I completely transformed my life and the future I was able to provide for my son. 

Ultimately, I followed God's lead and I've dedicated the last 13 years of my life to helping women get the health and fitness results they want.

Initially, I worked with men and women through my brick and mortar fitness business for 10 years. 

But, God was not done.  He continued to work in me and impress upon me the importance of supporting Christian women specifically so that transformation is unapologetically rooted in His word

Fast forward and We cultivated the creation of Kingdom Fit Academy and The Kingdom Fit Method.

Kingdom Fit Academy is a 6 month transformational experience.  

I guarantee* you will lose your next 25 pounds in the first 90 days without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at a gym, even if  you have failed to get the results you desire in the past. 

Over the course of this 6 month transformational experience, I walk you step by step through my Kingdom Fit Method, for developing a powerful spirit, strong mind, and a healthy body.  Health in mind, body and spirit is the tide that raises all ships (relationships, impact and wealth). 

With the Kingdom Fit Method You will discover and learn to implement what you've been missing in the past so that you adopt a powerful foundation that equips you for continuous momentum toward your long term goals and ability to sustain them so that you can truly embody a fit and healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit!

Backed by my results guarantee, lose 25 pounds in your first 90 days or I will work with you for free until you do!

Who is it for? 

The Christian Woman, on a mission to make an impact for God's glory, who also want to have a Rockin Body AND Honor God's Temple. 


You want to radically transform your body without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at a gym. 


The idea of losing 25 pounds in the next 90 days* while over the next 6 months, discovering and implementing what you've been missing excites you and sounds like an answer to prayer. 

You are ready to invest in yourself, follow a success-proven program, be coachable, take action and connect with like minded women. 

You want a Christian coach with a proven track record of success, because you understand and believe in the principle that coaching equips you to go further faster. 

Who is this NOT for? This is not for you if

You don't believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.  This course invites God's word into our process. If you don't believe it as truth the program will not be effective for you.

If you think you can continue to do this part of life on your own and or that you "already know that". 

It you still think the next book, the next podcast, the next free training, seminar or diet is going to be enough to help you get the results that have escaped you for years. 

If you are not coachable, I can not help you. 

What results can you expect?  In this 6 month transformational experience you will.. 

🦋 Go from feeling uncomfortable in your own skin to feeling lighter (25 lbs or more to be exact:)), and sexier


🦋 Go from uncertainty to certainty so you feel the fear and do it anyway so that you build the ability to believe in your big-God given personal and professional goals and consistently choose to press forward unhindered.


🦋 Go from self-doubt and stinkin thinkin to radical confidence and your greatest advocate.


🦋 Go from fearing the need to shop for the next size up to excitedly shopping 2 - 4 sizes smaller!!


🦋 Go from wondering if you will ever truly embody “self-control” to confidently accessing this fruit of the Spirit at will and as a result turn to God instead of food.

25 pounds in 90 days or I'm your bond servant RESULTS GUARANTEE: :) Qualify (we decide this before you're accepted into the program), follow 3 simple steps throughout the program and I guarantee you will lose 25 pounds in 90 days or I will work with you for free until you do!

Limited Spots**: This is to be sure I am fully available to provide high touch service and coaching while providing an intimate and connected community that is inclusive of clients on 12 week to 12 month programs, small group and 1:1. 


THIS is the part where you get to take action: 

Sis, "someday" is not a day on the calendar and yet you have had A LOT of "someday" thoughts.  

This is the last transformation program you will ever need.  

TODAY is the day you take a giant leap forward in becoming the future version of yourself that is thriving physically, mentally and spiritually so that you experience even greater joy  in everyday life as you relentlessly press forward toward your God-given goals for impact and income.

Click the link below to start your application process. You will enter your email and then be directed to schedule a no-pressure strategy call with me.  

Together we will determine if we are a mutual good fit to work together, if not I will give you a next step action plan and resources that better aligns for you and your goals. 


Because you have put yourself off for long enough! 

Because your health is the tide that rises all ships and when you dial it in, you are going to experience even more.  More daily joy, more radical confidence, greater impact and YES greater income

Why would you want to delay the time it takes for you to experience the results you deeply desire and the impact it will have on your life and business once you do?


Click the link NOW, before you get distracted by your social media scroll:)

You are a Christian woman entrepreneur who is building a wildly successful business and you want to feel as sexy as you are accomplished, and as confident as you are driven to create an impact for God’s glory

My Kingdom Fit Method Was Made For You

The Kingdom Fit Academy is a unique 6 month transformational experience where I will guide you step by step through my Kingdom Fit Method for learning how to stop emotional eating and radically transform your body without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at a gym, No matter how busy you are and even if you’ve failed to get the results you desire in the past.

*Results Guaranteed*


It's time to take a stand for the healthiest version of who you aspire to be in mind, body and spirit.  


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