Learn to turn to God instead of food and radically transform your body without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at the gym, no matter how busy you are or how many times you've failed in the past.

Virtual 2 Session Masterclass Oct 31st & Nov 1st at 10:30am Los Angeles, 1:30pm New York, 6:30pm London

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Ready to stop turning to food over God and putting your weight loss goals on your “someday” list? Are you ready to get the body you desire and grow deeper in your personal relationship with God? 


What if you could accomplish this without giving up your favorite foods, spending hours at a gym, no matter how busy you are or how many times you've failed to get the results you desire in the past.  Could you get excited about that? 


If that small still voice whispered….




Then I created this experience for you!


As a Christian women entrepreneur,  you are …


building a wildly successful business 


And uniquely driven and committed to creating an impact for God’s glory  


Yet, you quietly wonder


Why can't I achieve the same level of success for my body? 


Why can't I stop "eating my emotions"?


  • You’ve tried keto, fasting, pills, shakes, the “system” that “worked” for the woman on your Facebook.  You lost weight initially but you’ve gained it back and you feel discouraged.
  • Perhaps you went through the pain and complications of weight loss surgery, lost a significant amount of weight the first 6 - 12 months but now the weight is starting to creep back on and the fear of going back to your old weight brings you to tears. 
  • You signed up for the bootcamp, or you committed to walk more, but the scale does not seem to budge and you’re thinking “what is the point”
  • You’ve said all the prayers and yet you still end up turning to food for comfort, avoidance or stress relief.

Sis, I know you’ve tried alot of things!  You gave it your best effort yet you have not been able to stop emotional eating or lose the extra weight you hate permanently.  


Of course you feel confused and frustrated.   


It makes sense that part of you wants to give up and you try to convince yourself “I’m fine” or “someday I’ll figure it out” 


I want to invite you to imagine for a moment that you’ve finally figured out why you’ve been unsuccessful in the past and what to do instead.  



  • Getting dressed ONCE every morning because you slip right into your first choice outfit (2-4 sizes smaller) with ease (no more 3-5 outfit changes every morning).  You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think “Dang girl! Proud of you!”
  • Go from constantly thinking about food rules and restrictions to food flexibility & freedom so you can be at your ideal weight AND enjoy your favorite “forbidden” foods
  • Go from emotional eating and turning to food over God to greater emotional resilience and a deeper personal relationship with God.


I’m here to help you get the desires YOU deeply crave.  


I will be the coach and advocate that teaches you how to consistently go to God over food and radically transform your body without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at the gym.. No matter how busy you are and even if you’ve failed to get the results you desire in the past. 

Because I’ve been where you are.  I understand the frustration and discouragement.  I know how much joy it steals from your day to day.


By God’s work in and through me I ended up with;


A rockin’ body I never expected
A Godly mental grit that keeps me pressing forward in my unique God-given purpose


An ability to turn to God over food which built an even stronger personal relationship with God


Faith that moves mountains


Audacious belief in my ability to complete the work God has for me


Ability to eat what I want, when I want without food guilt or spiraling out of control

And so much more!

I’ve helped my clients do the same for the past thirteen years!
I know why what you’ve tried in the past didn’t work.  
And clearly sis, I know what does work!


Let me save you time and frustration by teaching you 

Becoming Kingdom Fit

Imagine if you could… 

🦋 Go from feeling uncomfortable in your own skin to feeling sexy and powerful

🦋 Learn to turn to God vs food so that you no longer stress eat and create more opportunities to build a deeper connection with Him

🦋 Drop 2-4 sizes by New Years and radiate confidence in your “Little Black Dress” to ring in the New Year

 That would feel amazing right!?  


That’s why I created this 2 session Masterclass, just for you! 

Here’s what you will learn: 

Day ONE:
Session One:  What's actually stopping you from getting your dream body so you can finally get the body you feel amazing in
Session Two: Why being be a diet school drop out is good and what to do instead

Day TWO:
Session Three: Five powerful ways to tame emotional eating on demand so you end self- sabotage and turn to God over food
Session Four:  The x factor that empowers you to do the hard things required for true lifestyle transformation, even when you don't feel like it

By the end of this 2 Session Masterclass, you will have shifted from feeling guilty about self care to confidently standing on God’s Biblical truths for the importance of your physical well being.  

You will shift from feeling confused and frustrated by your inconsistent weight loss results to feeling equipped with a simple, effective plan of action that empowers you to radically transform your body without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at a gym.


Here's a glimpse of what women have to say about working with me and a couple client results...

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