Lose approx. 3 - 9 pounds in 7 days for FREE with this 

7 Day Belly Bloat Detox Kickstarter Course

I am against "quick fixes".  

Often, they overpromise and under-deliver, causing more harm than good 

This is not that.

Yes, you can lose roughly 3 to 9 pounds in 7 days with this method 

Because I'm all for helping you get a quick WIN (safely and effectively) 

So, let's get you a quick win!

AND give you a glimpse into what it would be like working with my should you chose to apply for Kingdom Fit Academy my 6 month transformational experience.  

Fair enough?

I also believe in planting seeds so whether you are considering applying to Kingdom Fit Academy or not....

I AM STOKED to help you for FREE over the course of this 7 Day Challenge experience.  

Fair enough?

Note: you must be committed and willing to start the program either Monday 6/20/22 or Monday 6/27/22!

Spoiler alert; I ran a scaled down version of this program last year and it was good then! (check out a couple testimonials at the bottom of this page) 

THEN a couple weeks ago I had a Holy spirit download to turn this into a challenge experience, and I've SO MUCH VALUE and FUN!!



7 Day Belly Bloat Detox

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Radical Success Guide

How many times have you said you were "interested" in starting something but failed to follow through?   You're not alone.  And the truth is no one can do this for you.  BUT this radical success guide will set you up for your best results and help you take action for yourself so that you are empowered to cross the finish line!

The 7 Day Belly Bloat Detox Meal Plan

This plan is a safe and effective method for reducing inflammation and dropping inches off your waist line.  

The 7 Day Belly Bloat Recipe Guide (Meals and Smoothies)

Yummy smoothies and simple recipes that are manageable even if you're short on time. 

My Immune Boosting Supplement and Healthy Habits Guide

Build your immune system to further reduce your risk for viruses and increase energy.

Support and accountability 

You are in good company during this 7 Day experience. 

3 LIVE laser coaching calls and Q & A

Plus support and connection from within our Faith Fitness & Freedom for Christian Women Entrepreneurs community on Facebook - The best God focused "lady-gang" on FB :) 

Check out of few client results from this 7 Day Belly Bloat Detox Challenge Experience

The 7 Day Belly Boat Detox for Christian Women Challenge Experience

✔️ Lose an average of 3-9lbs over the 7 days

✔️ Reclaim control over cravings

✔️ Increase energy

✔️Reclaim territory over your health that the enemy is trying to steal from you!

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